Pigmentation or more commonly known as blotchy or sun damaged skin. In a nutshell its colour that has formed from trauma, hormones or the sun. There are so many different types and usually require intervention with a laser or peels to see a marked difference. Home care is also so important! 

You need to be using something called a tyrosinase inhibitor. Yes it sounds fancy but it basically helps to calm down the signals your skin is sending to make it produce pigment. This would be our iluma brightening serum. Using every evening will help prevent more from forming along with some vitamin C to help lighten and brighten your overall complexion. 

Pigmentation is one of the hardest conditions to treat, so please find a qualified professional to look after your in salon skin treatments. Here is some interesting trivia for you, I often ask clients when they come in for “ageing” what makes them feel like they are ageing? Nearly every single person answers with, “ these spots on my face”. Interesting hey ? 

We also need to look at making sure you are ALWAYS wearing sunscreen, that means even if you aren’t going outside ! This is the number one cause of pigmentation formation. Our fav sunscreen is our prevention all day matte spf.