What does and ageing skin need? I want to be more specific and break this down into age groups. There are different cellular processes happening at different ages that need,  you guessed it, different things! Before we get stuck into it, there is no wonder cream , treatment or device that is going to magically wipe away ageing (sorry). 

Firstly we need to look at how we age. There are internal and external factors and we can influence both. 

External factors include: Sun, hot , cold, skincare and makeup 

Internal factors: food, drink, mediations , hormones, sleep , DNA 

So as you can see they are both linked. The best way to get on top of the ageing process is to attack it from both angles. Using the right skincare is essential and then also addressing your lifestyle choices and stress levels can be helpful too! 

Let's look at skincare in your 20-30s: 

This is when the ageing process begins to happen cellularly. Our cell cycle slows down and we need more energy to keep things moving. A must for anyone in this age bracket is B vitamins topically and internally. I love the Iluma brightening serum and bestow internal range to get on top of this. In Conjunction with B vitamins exfoliation is really important. I love the ageless scrub, it has a blend of lactic and glycolic acid. They get deep into your pores to stimulate new cells and clear out any debris sitting on the surface. 

Skincare in your 30s- 40s 

This is generally when your life is super busy and sleep can be an issue. A lot of my clients in this age bracket are not sleeping enough. It is so important for your cellular repair! Antioxidants are your best friend, these will stop the free radical damage all the stress and sleepless nights are having on your skin. Vitamin c is one of my all time favourite antioxidants along with resveratrol (our friend from the skins of red grapes , thank you wine gods). The most powerful to tackle ageing in this age group is the Vital c anti-ageing hydrating serum and the ageless total anti ageing serum. 

Skincare in you 40-50s and beyond 

Repeat after me, stem cells are my friend, I must have stem cells in my skincare. Now just to clarify, I'm talking about stem cells from plants. Particularly apples, yep ! Apple stem cells are amazing for repairing cellular DNA damage and oxidative stress. At this stage your cells are slowing down considerably and they need a hand. The maxx stem cell creme is your go to here! Along with a good retinol ! We love the ageless overnight reiinol. 

P.s You need to add these products into your regime as you age. For example, by the time you are 40 you should have: 

  • B vitamins 
  • Glycolic and lactic scrub 
  • Vital c serum 
  • Ageless total anti ageing serum 
  • The maxx stem cell repair creme 
  • Retinol