Dry Skin

Dry skin is by definition dry and flaky. Lets not get confused with dehydrated skin these are completely different. Dry skin is lacking in oil , dehydrated skin is lacking in water. 

So what does a dry skin require? Well, it needs regular exfoliation and moisturising. Simply whacking on lots of moisturiser on your face is not going to fix this problem.

Your skin produces dead skin all the time, dry skins are very good at getting rid of the dry skin. We need to give it a helping hand so that we can get rid of the dry skin and moisturise the new healthy viable tissue underneath. We love our ormedic bio peptide cream in the am  and vital c overnight mask in the pm to get on top of dry skin. 

Our vital c hydrating enzyme mask every second day will help to remove dead skin and reveal your inner glow. In conjunction with oru bestow beauty oil taken daily to nourish your skin from within.